Ordering a Keg?

Read the rules to make sure you have a great time.

Keg Rules

1. All alcohol sales are final (law mandated by the ABC).
2. Kegs are not pasteurized and MUST be cold all the time (ideal temp is 38F).
3. The ideal pressure is 13psi. DO NOT OVERPUMP.
4. The keg needs to settle so do not move keg for two hours before tapping.
5. If foaming occurs, you messed up on one or more of the keg rules.

Most suppliers require a few days lead time, so if you need the keg for the weekend, please call on Monday of the same week. We always have around 100 kegs in stock so if you are not concerned about which beer you are going to find, you can choose from our huge variety on hand. Some rare kegs are not always in stock when we order them from the supplier so we may not be able to get it.

Common Keg Questions

Wrong Pump? or Pump Not Working?

1. If the pump is one of our pumps, we will exchange the pump.

2. However, if we are closed when you discover the issue, there is nothing we can do. Obviously.

3. Test your pump before you leave.

Party Planning

1/6 Barrel Keg

5 Gallon Keg


80 servings

Serving Size 20 people (avg)

1/4 Barrel Keg

7.5 Gallon Keg


124 servings

Serving Size 31 people (avg)

1/2 Barrel Keg

15.5 Gallon Keg


248 servings

Serving Size 62 people (avg)



Using Pump Fee:
$ 30
$ 40
$ 5


20lb Bag of Ice:
$ 3.99

Recommended 4 bags on a hot day, less if not so hot.

Usually Stocked Keg Price List

Note*: Some kegs may not be available all the time. We only order certain kegs when they are on sale. Prices are subject to change and while we do our best to keep prices up to date when the distributor changes them, the most current pricing is available via phone: (951) 652 – 6575.

Sale Kegs

Keg Name1/6B (5 Gallon)1/4B (7.5 Gallon)1/2B (15.5 Gallon)
Budweiser (Red Only)






Rolling Rock



Keg Name1/6B (5 Gallon)1/4B (7.5 Gallon)1/2B (15.5 Gallon)
Bud Light






Michelob Ultra



Miller (Regular)


Shock Top




Keg Name1/6B (5 Gallon)1/4B (7.5 Gallon)1/2B (15.5 Gallon)



Dos XX














Stella Artois





Craft Domestic

Keg Name1/6B (5 Gallon)1/4B (7.5 Gallon)1/2B (15.5 Gallon)
Ballast Point (IPA)



Ballast Point (Sculpin)


Blue Moon



Firestone (DBA/805)



Hangar 24



Sam Adams



Sierra Nevada (Regular)