Free Tastings

Liquor, wine & beer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Free Tasting Legal?

YES, we are one of the very few in the whole State that is licensed to hold tastings for any alcohol product. Most stores, if they have any tastings at all, will only hold beer and wine tastings and charge you for it. We have the new type of license that allows us to educate and taste our customers on every alcohol product we sell… absolutely free of charge.

Why Don’t Other Stores Do This?

We are one of the largest independent operators of alcoholic beverage stores in the State of California. 80% of what we handle is not available in 99% of our competitor stores. Free tasting is no different and we offer this free service to provide our customers with a better and more fulfilling shopping experience.

When Do We Hold Our Tastings?

Regularly Scheduled Tastings

Regularly scheduled tastings are held almost every Friday and Saturday from 4-7PM. In these tastings, usually companies will come for the specific time-slot and taste you on their own products.

Customer Request

A group of customers come to the store and ask us to taste a certain type of product. If we have the time and the supplier approves it, we will hold the tasting.